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Danny O’Donoghue proud Ireland is ‘an international platform for artists’

admin | October 21, 2021

The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue has said he feels “super proud” of contributing to the conversation that Ireland is “an international platform for artists”.

The pop-rock trio’s greatest hits collection, Tales From The Script, went straight to number one in the UK album chart in October, securing their sixth number one album.

The accomplishment means the Irish band has equalled the number of UK number one albums of top international groups such as Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

“This really, really means a lot…” @TheScript’s Danny O’Donoghue celebrates the band scoring their sixth Number 1 on the Official UK Albums Chart with their new greatest hits. Full story:

— Official Charts (@officialcharts) October 8, 2021

O’Donoghue discussed how proud he was to represent Irish talent among these international bands, but admitted to feeling “imposter syndrome” when being compared to them.

He told the PA news agency: “For everything that we would have done wrong in our lives, I definitely feel like we’ve done one right, and that’s really helped our generation.

“The likes of U2 would have been a massive influence on us, because you’re looking at somebody who’s an international band, and they drank the same water, and they walked down the same streets.

“So, it just gives you a belief that somebody from the same area can go out and do the same thing, you’re not just looking at America or the UK as a source of inspiration for something that can last a long time.

“But I definitely feel responsible for the new crop of Irish acts that are coming out, be it maybe they want to be like us, or maybe they hate us, and they want to beat us.

“Either way, I love the conversation (that) was opened and started to say that Ireland is an international platform for artists, and I just feel like I’m super proud of that as well.”

The band have produced six number one albums (Isabel Infantes/PA) The 41-year-old reflected the band is “standing on the shoulders of giants just like every other Irish act” but feels there is a “new willingness to be unadulterated pop rock or alternative rock” when there might have been a slight “musical snobbery” by Irish musicians beforehand about the genre.

However, he did admit to feeling a slight “imposter syndrome” having reached a similar pinnacle as leading global acts, adding: “It feels weird because I grew up listening to those bands (but) we’re obviously super proud of the journey that we’ve done.”

The trio will embark on a global greatest hits tour in 2022, covering classic songs spanning 13 years of chart success, including Hall of Fame and Superheroes.

Tales From The Script is out now !! 13 years, so many tears, one giant cheers, to everyone who got us here .. any more to add on? 😂 thank you to #thescriptfamily !!

— Danny O’Donoghue (@TheScript_Danny) October 1, 2021

Speaking from the studio while practising for the tour, the singer told PA he was having “fun re-imagining the show” and considering doing acoustic versions of popular singles, such as For the First Time.

O’Donoghue feels the greatest hits tour will be a “full stop on that chapter” of their career, adding: “It allows you to reboot musically and hit zero on the counter on the clock, and probably be a little bit more experimental with the next chapter”.

He admitted he was not sure what the direction for the next album will be but believes that there is “enough negativity in the world”, so hopes it will be “super positive and definitely full of energy”.

“Emotions will lead the way. We’re a highly emotional band anyway, be it anger, be it love, be it hate whatever, we’re highly emotive, so whatever it is, we’ll definitely mean (it)”, he added.

— Greatest hits collection Tales From The Script is out now. The band embark on a tour in support of the album in 2022. Tickets are available online.

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