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Counsellor urges students to eat, sleep and plan sensibly ahead of Leaving Cert

admin | June 7, 2022

A career guidance counsellor has urged students to take a sensible approach to eating, sleeping and planning issues such as transport well ahead of their Leaving Certificate examinations.  One of Ireland’s most prominent counsellors, Brian Mooney, has told the Pat Kenny show on Newstalk that it is vital that students keep on top of the timetable for each of their exams and to plan accordingly.  “Parents can be very helpful in this because [you can] go on the State Exams Commission site, download the timetable – they’re printable – and go stick it on the fridge/Have that conversation each evening, ‘What’s tomorrow? What do you need?’ “And obviously, look at the nutrition, any transport issues in terms of getting to the exam. You don’t want any stress around any of that and just plan it the night before.” Mr Mooney says having the timetable printed out can be very helpful because as the exam weeks go on a student may inadvertently think it’s an afternoon or a morning exam. “So parents should keep an eye on that right through until the last paper to make sure there’s no slip ups.” Meanwhile, student Alex Rowley told the show that he has cut down on energy drinks and caffeine as his examinations draw near.  “Trying to cut down a bit more on the caffeine is definitely helping because you’re a bit jittery after two or three cups of coffee. So maybe keep it to the one in the morning if you really need it and also cutting out the energy drinks can definitely help. “I think getting to bed at a decent time, maybe ten o’clock also helps.  “And for me… normally I say I’ll study after I get something done. So, let’s say I’ll study after I get a shower in the morning and brush my teeth and everything and then I try to get into study.”

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